Life Insurance in Columbia, SC

Life Insurance in Columbia, SC

Find the Life Insurance Policy You Need

You want to do everything you can for your loved ones. Ken Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc. will talk to you about life insurance to make sure your family can remain financially secure when you’re gone.

These days, people are living longer and may need to dip into their savings to survive. That means there won’t be much left for you to pass on to family members. A life insurance policy can provide your loved ones with cash funds, or it can be leveraged while you’re still living. We’ll help you navigate through a range of policy options, including:
  • Long term insurance
  • Permanent life insurance
  • Variable life insurance

Contact Ken Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find a personalized insurance policy that works for you in Columbia, SC.

The Difference Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance in Columbia, SC

No one plans to have an accident or die before their time. But life has a habit of throwing us curve balls. Without a life insurance policy in force, your dependents could suffer financially.

Term life insurance provides you with short-term coverage, while permanent life insurance makes sure you have a policy in place going forward. You can also receive money in advance in the event of a terminal or chronic illness.

The younger you are, the cheaper it is to obtain coverage. Call 803-359-0872 today to talk with our insurance agent about the life insurance coverage you need.

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