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Infinite Banking in Columbia, SC

Personal Financial Planning with Help From Your Insurance Policy

Would you like to take control of your financial affairs? Ken Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc. is one of two licensed banking practitioners in South Carolina who’s qualified to set you up with infinite banking. If you have a whole life insurance policy that accumulates cash, we’ll show you how to:
  • Create your own banking system using dividend-paying insurance
  • Use savings and cash flow to fund your “bank”
  • Use the bank to finance purchases, such as cars and homes
  • Expand your system to increase your personal wealth
  • Improve your business through equipment financing

We’ll help you gain a better understanding of personal finance. Call 803-359-0872 today to learn more about infinite banking.

Find Out How to Borrow Against Your Personal Funds

Infinite banking is an efficient way to use your money and pass it on to loved ones or charities. Not only will your money be held in a stable, tax-free environment, you’ll retain access to the funds. You’ll be borrowing your own money instead of borrowing from banks or other institutions.

Contact Ken Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc. today to become your own banker in Columbia, SC.

Recommended Literature.

To learn more about both Infinite Banking and Life Insurance, I highly recommend the following texts. If you would like to receive a free copy of the book Becoming Your Own Banker, please contact me: 803-359-0872.