We offer more than 45 years of experience

We started our business in 1972. The knowledge we've gained over the years can translate to big benefits for you. We stay updated on all the changes that take place within the insurance industry on a regular basis, to provide you with the best policy options available.

Speak with a local insurance agent today to get the insurance and financial security you're searching for.

We'll help you navigate the complicated insurance landscape

Just as no two people are the same, no two insurance policies include the same features and benefits. People have different requirements when it comes to the coverage they need. You want to choose an insurance agent who has decades of experience to help you navigate through all your coverage options.

We'll talk to you about where you are in life and what your goals might be for retirement and beyond. We can help you find the right healthcare coverage. We will also discuss the benefits of creating your own financial independence by means of infinite banking.

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Will You Be Ready to Enjoy Your Golden Years in Columbia, SC?

Make sure you have the life insurance and coverage you need

No one wants to work forever. Do you have what you need to enjoy a comfortable retirement? Will your family be taken care of if you succumb to an unexpected illness? Ken Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc. works to ensure you have the health and financial security you are searching for. We’re an independent insurance agency that can assist you with:

We want to get you the coverage you require while making sure you don’t overpay for insurance you don’t need. Call 803-359-0872 today to speak with an agent about insurance in Columbia, SC.

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